This half or one day tour combines all the activities that Vang Vieng is famous for, including kayaking on the beautiful Nam Song River surrounded with towering mountains, exploring the beautiful rural scenery and amazing limestone caves, and swimming in crystal clear spring waters.


Routes San San boutique resort - Viengsamay -  Tham None – San San boutique resort
 Start and finish
 San San Boutique Resort
 Morning trip – Dept. 8.00/ Finish at 12.00
   Afternoon trip – Depart. 8.00/ Finish at 17.00

We will transfer around 10km North to the ethnic Khmu village of Viengsamay where after an introduction to the basics of kayaking we shall set off down the beautiful Nam Song river. The river offers various small but fun rapids along the way to Tham Lom (Winding Cave). 

 After exploring the cave we continue traveling downstream to Tham None (Sleeping cave). Which is one of the biggest caves in Vang Vieng and served as a rescue shelter for the villagers during the Second Indochina War. 

Today it is home to a family of bats and the ‘Magic Stone’ of Vang Vieng. In the rainy season we will swim through the entrance to the cave. The final leg of the journey is a gentle paddle which will return us to Vang Vieng just in time to catch the sunset from the swimming pool at San San Boutique Resort.

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